Created Thursday, 27 August 1998

The UK High Tech PR business is booming. It's job is to introduce new products to a core of around 30 top UK journalists. It does this through a combination of very traditional procedures:

  •          Press launches

  •          Press trips (aka "Jollies")

  •          Direct Mail

  •          Phone calls

As a result of the low strike rate, a PR company spends typically 100 to get a journalist to a presentation - can be as much as 300 a head.

Around 10% of the targeted journalists turn up to most events.

The Proposition

To supplement and ultimately replace this archaic process by installing satellite systems at the UK's 500 mainstream technology journalists - starting with the top 30.

The cost of the dish installation is 150-200, the cost of the DVB receiver card for a PC is 100.

We then take the mountain to Mohammed, and deliver both live press launches and recorded events, all of which can be stored locally on the journalist's PC and played back on demand. The archive will likewise be available for download if the transmission was missed.

The Business Argument

Eutelsat and their recent demonstrations have shown that business TV can be delivered effectively at bandwidth hitherto unimaginably small - 250kBit.

The cost of the bandwidth is 50k PA, but let's play safe and have 500kB for real VHS grade delivery.

The cost of a 2Mbit line from the production point to the uplink site is 15k PA max

The cost of uplink management could be traded against services - the uplink entity will be well aware of the value of presenting this service to this audience.

The next step

Journalists in other markets....